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Aaron Vogel started barbecuing when he was young, so young he says he doesn't know exactly what age he was. Aaron loved hanging out with his Dad as a kid. He and his Dad would sometimes offer to make dinner. Because Mama didn't want them messing up her kitchen and putting things where they didn't belong, the duo had to learn how to do their cooking OUTSIDE.

Most of the time it was just a few pork steaks and brats and Aaron's main job was making sure he had the spray bottle full of water and close at hand. Twenty-five years later, Aaron has come to realize the difference between grilling and "true barbecuing." That small grill of meat that Aaron and his Dad used to offer up for the family has turned into 50,000 pounds of briskets per year. Aaron smiles and thinks out loud, "If only Dad could see me now!"

Aaron met his wife-to-be, Andrea, in 1998. Her dad, Jerry Thurman, always had a dream of someday opening a restaurant. Until he met Aaron, he probably did not realize that the restaurant of his dream would mostly likely be serving BBQ.  But, for the time being, Aaron was quite content working in a BBQ restaurant in St. Louis - owned by a couple of good ole boys from Arkansas. Aaron started out at the very bottom and worked his way up to general manager of his own store in just a few years. They had 5 restaurants around St. Louis and were smoking over a million pounds of pork per year.

Aaron was asked to join the championship cooking team in 2000. He recalls that the most memorable accomplishment while on the team was winning the World BBQ Championship. Known as "Memphis in May", it is the Championship where close to 300 of the world's best BBQ-ers meet on the banks of the Mississippi for a year's worth of bragging rights on who really has the best BBQ!! Aaron's team finished in the top 10, 10 times in 12 years! Later in 2002 and 2003, Aaron even had the honors of cooking for President George W. Bush - not once, but on two occasions.

Aaron's new in-laws, Jerry and Dixie Thurman, moved to Pottsboro, Texas in 2002 due to Jerry's career. Andrea and Aaron really missed them and their dreams of someday opening a restaurant seemed to fade away.

In 2004, just 4 months after the arrival of their daughter, Kynleigh, they moved to Texas. Although not a native Texan, Aaron had always heard about Texas BBQ. "Texans love to debate. If they aren't debating politics, they are debating BBQ", he says. Because Aaron lived 10 hours away, he had only tried Texas BBQ a few times when he came to visit Jerry and Dixie. Visions of a BBQ joint on every street corner danced in his head and no matter where you would go in town, he was sure one could always smell a hint of barbecue and he just knew it would be an easy task to find a BBQ job somewhere.

Aaron recalls, " Boy, was I wrong! And surprised!" There just wasn't a whole lot of BBQ around, at least not serious BBQ. Aaron thought it was time for a change - and felt he was the guy to make it happen.

The Vogels and the Thurmans then found an old Taco Bell restaurant across from the site of the old Sher-Den Mall that just needed a little love and someone to lend a little money, and in March of 2005, Cackle & Oink BBQ was born.


Their new restaurant was met with enthusiasm from the beginning. After having a great first year they won the "Best of Texoma BBQ" in 2006. See 'Awards' page for more award information.

So - stop in and visit Cackle & Oink BBQ and say 'Hello' to Aaron and the family - and we know you'll see why their award winning BBQ has met with such wide acceptance in the greater Texoma area.

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